CCTV Keeps Offices, Retail Shops and Shopping Malls Safe

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Every day, retail shops and shopping malls welcome thousands of shoppers. Over the course of a year, the number of people who walk down the aisles of a store or the corridors of a mall can reach well into the hundreds of thousands, if not millions.

When you’re talking about those types of numbers, there’s a lot that can go wrong.

Why Retailers and Shopping Malls Need Video Surveillance

It’s the nightmare of most retailers to arrive at work only to discover the offices, malls, retail shops are broken and  goods looted. When this happens, untold amounts of losses and damages can occur.

Worse yet, when a premise doesn’t have a video surveillance system in place to capture the crime, there is really nothing police can do about it. Sure, they can investigate the scene and ask around for witnesses, but if nobody witnessed the theft and there is no video evidence of it happening, the premise owner is often out of luck. As a result, theft prevention is the number one reason why owners need CCTV video recording systems installed. But, it isn’t the only reason.

Here are six reasons why retailers and malls need to incorporate CCTV video recording throughout their establishments:

#1: Creates a Safer Environment – It’s your job to make your customers and employees feel safe when they’re on your premises. By having constant video monitoring, you’ll be better able to provide that.

#2: Encourages Better Productivity – When the boss is around, employees tend to be more productive. With a video monitoring system, your employees will be more productive because they’ll never know when you’re watching.

#3: Enhanced Video Quality – Unlike the old, outdated VCR-driven recording systems, CCTV utilizes digital recording for enhanced image quality. The video is HD-quality and is stored on a hard drive on-site for easy access.

#4: Quicker Video Scanning – Outdated VCR recording systems took forever to scan when trying to locate a specific event. However, because CCTV records digitally, you can check specific times and easily scan, which makes finding an event much less time-consuming.

#5: Maintain Low Prices – When a retailer loses inventory to theft, they have no other option but to raise their prices to minimize their losses. A video monitoring system will help you reduce in-store theft and this will help you keep your prices lower, thus attracting more customers.

#6: Protects Against Fraudulent Claims – Retailers are frequent victims of fraudulent slip and fall charges and those that can’t back up their defense often wind up paying thousands in legal damages. A CCTV video recording system will help you avoid these cases because they will provide the evidence you need to show you were not negligent.

Be SMART – Choose the Right CCTV System for Your Store or Mall

There are a lot of different video surveillance systems available for retailers to choose from; however, SMART CCTV video recording offers the very best protection for stores and shopping malls.

SMART, which stands for System Monitoring Alert Response Technology, provides an unparalleled months of on-site digital video storage with higher storage drives.

Get the protection your store needs. To learn more about our HD CCTV technology and how it can help your retail store or shopping mall reduce its risk and improve its safety, feel free to contact us and one of our company owners will meet with you at your convenience. You will receive a verbal price after the assessment and a detailed proposal in writing no later than the following business day.


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