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Laptop Tracking Services in Uganda & Africa

Laptop tracking has become an essential feature for anyone who uses a laptop, whether for work, study, or personal use.

With the rise of laptop theft, it has become increasingly important to be able to track and recover a stolen laptop.

In this article, we will discuss what laptop tracking is, how it works, and some of the best laptop tracking tool available on the market today.

What is Laptop Tracking?

Laptop tracking refers to the ability to locate a stolen or lost laptop using software installed on the device.

The software works by using various techniques to determine the laptop’s location, such as GPS, Wi-Fi, or IP address.

The information gathered is then transmitted to the laptop owner or a third-party service, enabling them to track and recover the stolen device.

Laptop Tracking Services in Uganda & Africa
Laptop Tracking Services in Uganda & Africa

How does Laptop Tracking work?

Laptop tracking software works by installing a tracking app on the laptop.

The app runs in the background, collecting data on the laptop’s location, IP address, Wi-Fi network, and other relevant information.

In the event of theft or loss, the tracking app sends this information to the laptop owner or a third-party service, allowing them to track the device’s location.

Many laptop tracking tools also include additional features such as remote locking and wiping of the device’s data.

These features can be especially useful in preventing data theft and protecting sensitive information.

Laptop tracking has become an essential feature for anyone who uses a laptop, whether for work, study, or personal use.

The ability to track and recover a stolen device can save users from the loss of sensitive information and the cost of replacing the device.

With Absolute laptop tracking Software, users have access to powerful and effective tools to protect their laptops and their data.

Black Knight Africa has partnered with the best to bring you the best.

Some of its advantages include but not limited to;

Track hardware

  • Report and alert on hundreds of hardware attributes
  • OS Support:
  • Monitor device leasing reports
  • Track new device activations and connection history
  • Leverage pre-built and custom reports
  • Flag missing devices and be alerted when they connect to the internet

Monitor Installed Software

  • Assess installed software by device or population

Capture Device Insights

  • Collect Absolute defined data points from the Data Explorer Library
  • Configure the collection of custom data points tailored to specific needs using the Data Explorer Builder

Assess Device Security Posture

  • Encryption status reporting
  • Anti-malware status reporting
Measure Device Usage    
  • Assess device usage by analyzing login/unlock and device interaction events
  • Report on average daily usage by device
  • Report on visited websites and understand the ROI from Web Apps in your environment
Identify Sensitive Files On Devices    
  • Discover PII, PHI, PFI, SSN, GDPR data and Intellectual Property on/off network
  • Perform data risk assessment with estimated cost exposure
  • Identify devices with sensitive files syncing with cloud storage (Dropbox, iCloud, Box, OneDrive)
Monitor Device Location          
  • Track device location with 365 days of history
  • Define geofences to detect unauthorized device movement
Remotely Freeze Devices          
  • Freeze a device with custom message – scheduled or on demand
  • Set an offline timer to automatically freeze devices
Remotely Delete Data From Devices            
  • Selectively delete files
  • Perform an end-of-life device wipe with compliance certificate
Enable Firmware Protection      
  • Manage supervisor password at scale
Secure, On-Device End User Communications        
  • Inform users by displaying important messaging on their devices’ screen or to solicit feedback
Query and Remediate Devices Immediately at Scale            
  • Run 130+ prebuilt workflows from Reach Library
  • Run Custom Powershell or BASH scripts on devices
Make Critical Applications Covered in Application Resilience Catalog Self-Healing
Investigate and Recover Stolen Devices      
  • Recover stolen devices
Derive Historical IT and Security Insights          
  • Missing Device Reclamation Service
  • Reclamation experts help to track, locate, and secure devices



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