Black Knight Africa’s advanced Fleet Management system puts you in total control of your fleet. Our GPS and GSM enabled telematics technology allows for the real-time location, tracking and monitoring of your vehicles, enabling you to effectively and conveniently manage your fleet from anywhere, at any time.

24-hour access to accurate and reliable data, automatic updates and driver behavior reports puts you in full command of your vehicles, helping you improve both the efficiency and productivity of your fleet.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Black Knight Africa’s Stolen Vehicle Recovery is a standard feature of our Fleet Management Plus package. Our advanced tracking unit is discreetly installed in your vehicle. In addition to GPS and RF technology, the Black Knight Africa system uses the GSM network as its primary communication platform – the most extensive network currently available to the vehicle tracking industry. The combination of these technologies allows for the immediate location and real-time tracking of your vehicles.

Web Based Software

Black Knight Africa’s web-based software provides instant online access to both the current and historic location of your vehicles. Our comprehensive fleet management application boasts a simple and effective user-interface that allows for unrestricted access to reports and information on your fleet.


Our automated reports provide you with detailed insight into the movement of your fleet. With over 40 standard reports, including trip and driver behaviour reports, as well as vehicle utilisation by hours or kilometres, you will be equipped with all the information you need to accurately and efficiently manage your fleet.


Our Fleet Management package enables you to easily create and manage geofences, giving you the freedom to define your own no-go zones, business and client locations, and points of interest. You can be notified by e-mail or SMS when any of your vehicles enter or exit a defined geofence area.

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