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Three Reasons Why Now is The Perfect Time To Start Vehicle Tracking

For many industries, this period is a time when services, like transportation and construction, come back to life after a long holiday season, and your business needs to meet the demands of your customers in record time. This is also a great opportunity to invest in vehicle tracking software allowing you to save money and time during this critical season. Here are some benefits to note when you invest in GPS fleet tracking this Month:

1. More Efficient Routing cheap car tracking ugandaWhen your workforce is handling multiple jobs each day during the busy spring, routing them efficiently is essential to ensuring that they optimize their time and get all scheduled work completed. Vehicle tracking allows you to decide routes ahead of time cutting fuel costs and optimizing your workers time. It also helps you keep tabs on where your drivers are to ensure you give customers accurate arrival estimates. In addition, spring is the season of construction, and that includes road construction. Sometimes this means that the shortest route is riddled with delays because of road closures. The right tracking system will provide the tools you need to route drivers around construction to save fuel and make the most out of your drivers’ time. A good GPS tracking system also helps with scheduling emergency jobs. Real-time vehicle tracking will show you exactly where your drivers are, so you can send the closest one to address the issue. Update the routing on your end, and the system will deliver the new instructions to the driver via their smartphone, so you can be certain communication is thorough and the driver knows where he or she needs to go.


2. Eliminate Unprofitable Jobs Some jobs are going to take longer than others, but if you are sending your crew to work on a property this month, and notice that it is consistently taking longer than normal requirements, you have few corrective options without GPS tracking. GPS tracking illustrates your crews’ length of stay at each location allowing you to determine which locations are not profitable. You can take a closer look at what is taking the extra time, whether it is inefficient employees, poor work habits, unexpected problems at the property or job site, or something else.


3. Improve Accountability for Employees In order to keep up with the February demand, you need to know that your drivers are making the most out of every minute they are on the clock. Yet when they leave your facility, you may have trouble tracking their behavior. Fleet tracking makes it easier to keep tabs on driver behavior. From going off route to excessive idling, you will be alerted to driver behaviors that are driving up your costs. If you are looking for an affordable, scalable tracking system, trust Black Knight Africa with over 5 years in business. Our vehicle tracking systems work well for businesses of all sizes, and offer excellent tracking with an affordable price. Contact Black Knight Africa today for a demo of our systems to see how they can improve operations for your company this spring.

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