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Why You Need Fast Stable Internet Connection

We live in a busy world & let’s be honest: if it weren’t for the internet, we wouldn’t be able to do half of the things we do today.

A reliable fast internet connection is essential to get by and can make life so much easier for us.

These are some of the reasons why:

You can be productive

When you want to be productive, a good internet connection helps. The faster the download and upload speeds are, the easier it is to work with documents and stream videos (or upload them). You can also make video calls without the internet cutting out as much.

A high-speed internet connection — ideally, fibre optic broadband — is worth considering if you have to conduct any of these activities and have more than two people who heavily user the internet in the home.

We can communicate more easily

Communication is vital and the world has seen just how crucial a part the internet plays in this is.  Social media helps us stay connected and in touch with others. Email, whether for work or for leisure, helps us to do the same. Without the internet, it would have been all phone calls, snail mail and text messages. Keeping in touch would have been much more difficult.

Home schooling

If you’re one of the many parents who has had to home-school their kids during the covid pandemic, the internet has been invaluable.

The internet provides you and your children with easy access to online learning resources such as Pass UNEB, Yaaka Digital and other free revision resources.

You can also watch educational videos online and, generally, educate your children with much less hassle. Anything a child (or you) doesn’t understand or which they find interesting, they can do more research into online.

Saving money

Going online can save you money; whether it’s to run a business, to educate your children, to book your next holiday or do something else. People can learn using free online resources and businesses can cut costs, which allows them to offer their products or services at a cheaper price to their customers (if they wish to).


The internet provides a lot of choice when it comes to entertainment. You can use streamed services like Amazon Prime or Netflix for all manner of film and TV entertainment.

You can play games online (and even stream yourself playing them). You can download music. Since you have options such as Netflix and Amazon Prime, you can also cancel certain TV services, such as cable TV, which may feature channels you never watch, and put the money towards a streamed-service subscription.

A reliable internet connection offers a lot of convenience and allows us to complete tasks with much less hassle, whether that’s downloading a document or making a video call to a work colleague or a loved one. With a good internet connection, we can work, educate ourselves, entertain ourselves and save money. Finding a good deal is worth the search.


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